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The Inverhuron and District Ratepayers Association (IDRA) was established in 1978 to serve the community as it was then evolving in a more diverse makeup comprising seasonal and permanent residents. This was trend in demographics was essentially due to the nuclear power development in the area centred on the second concesson of Bruce Township near the lakeshore. Prior to the beginning of the early nuclear power developmnents with the Douglas Power Plant in the early 1960's, most residents of Inverhuron were seasonal and lived near the sand beach from the river south of Bruce Road 15 for a short distance. The predecessor to the IDRA was the Inverhuron Beach Association established in 1946, that focused mostly on items related to beach activities mostly in the summertime. Currently residents of the district of Inverhuron reside from the Concession 2 of Bruce Township on the north side to the border with Lorne Beach on the south. The Aims of the IDRA as established by the constitution of IDRA in 1978 follow.

Aims of the IDRA

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Sept 11 2015

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Sept 12 2016

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Oct 18 2016

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